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Hey, the class Was great and very hands on. I loved the one on one because I was able to ask all the questions I had , the kit is very well put together I love all the products. You explained everything great and I enjoyed every last bit of the class💗

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Well, I absolutely loved the class! I was worried that maybe you would’ve have over explained, but no you explained everything perfectly! You had no problem with making me feel comfortable throughout the class so I could relax more. Nervous at first but you reinsured me every time so I could do better. And also let me make my own mistakes which led me to correct them before you stepped in. Definitely a 10/10 experience :)

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You were very patient, but real about what it was I was or wasn’t doing right. You made me comfortable, dropped hella knowledge and you had good energy. I can tell you aren’t teaching for the money. You really wanna see other women getting to the bag. I’ve already recommended you to my cousin. Thank you so much!

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